Spinal Trap:

Back 2 Good  (STB2G)







disabling severe chronic pain

in my Cervical and Lumbar Spines and Shoulder,

 anxiety, depression,

insomnia, spinal cord pain, muscle pain,

arthritis pain, a rotator cuff tear, bursitis,

brachial neuritis

& neuropathic pain such as sciatica!*


Like all who walk in these shoes,

I was alive without living

thanks to zero quality of life

from all of these chronic conditions** AND the

numerous side effects of prescription drugs commonly given for these deeply painful diagnoses.


Thanks to God, His herbs, and

music meditation,

I got Back 2 Good as naturally as I could by going herbal daily beginning in early 2012.


Doing so allowed me to eliminate 3 of my prescription drugs entirely and vastly reduce usage of the other 7!


What a health victory,

physically and spiritually!


Thanks to reading a Tyndale Life Application Study Bible (NLT) in 2015, I got Back 2 God to heal spiritually in a way that  I had never been prior, because you can't know what you don't know; and until I finally knew Almighty God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit personally thanks to Dr. Charles Stanley (In Touch Ministries) and then reading the whole Bible,  

I didn't realize that God had let me become physically disabled because I was already spiritually disabled.


If you are alive without living thanks to

any or all of these physically and/or spiritually disabling health conditions

& their mood and mind-altering Rx's,

I created Spinal Trap so that

YOU TOO CAN GET Back 2 Good!


Don't have a lot of money or

health insurance?


      All the more reason to learn about the              MANY COMMON LOW COST*

herbs, vitamins, and supplements!


Be Grateful, Be Well 

Grace Kelly, God Coach, CHLC, CPLC


**Scroll down this page to see a list of my numerous spinal/shoulder diagnoses from my MRI reports.

Legal Liability Disclaimer Notice:


I am not a doctor of any kind, holistic or medical, or nurse.  I am not an herbalist or pharmacist. 


Thus, I am not giving anyone medical advice herein, and I make no claims nor promises that what I take cures or prevents any health conditions or diseases; I am simply sharing what our Almighty God has used to help me exponentially improve my overall quality of life thanks to vastly reducing my prescription drug usage, and even eliminating some of my ten different pain prescriptions entirely to get Back 2 Good as naturally as I could! 


I do not sell any of the herbs, vitamins, or supplements that I have used with great success for these many life-ruining health conditions; thus, my only goal with creating STB2G is to help others reduce and eliminate physical pain and spiritual suffering, as naturally as possible, by sharing my safe results through many natural efforts. 


Every reader hereby agrees to indemnify and hold me, Grace Kelly and any agents or representatives of mine harmless in perpetuity for any and all harm, foreseeable or otherwise, that they may incur as a result of trying anything that I share. 


Further, every reader agrees to bear the onus of doing their due diligence to check with their doctor(s), pharmacist, and anyone else as applicable to their healthcare needs to ensure that there are no contraindications for their specific health status before trying any of the things that I share with gratitude for their immeasurable blessings by God.

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